Leadership Coaching

“So who really needs a Leadership Coach?”

As a Leadership Coach I help executives think through and tackle their own problems. Self-reliance not dependency is the goal. When conditions are right, leadership coaching can be one of the best people investments for executives.

I focus on:

  • High Potential Employees
  • Successors to Executive roles
  • Corporate level (C-Suite) Executives
  • Presidents & Vice Presidents
  • Members of the Board/Board of Directors
  • Others in Executive Leadership roles

Begin your conscious leadership journey towards being an Inspirational Leader – after all what’s leadership if you don’t inspire?


Douglas McKenna’s five diagnostic questions are critical to ask before making the decision about executives who are likely to benefit from Coaching.

  1. How valuable is this person’s performance and potential to your organization?
  2. Are key people in the organization ready to support this person’s efforts to grow and change?
  3. What is the challenge the person is facing right now?
  4. How willing and able will the executive be to work with a coach? Coachability is important.
  5. What alternatives to coaching are available?

Leadership Coaching is here to stay because what was hitherto a stigmatic leadership intervention (“You’re so broken you need a coach”) has become the rave intervention (“You’re so valuable you get a coach!”).

Lets get started!

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